You’re half as smart if you don’t know the rhythm

You’re half as smart if you don’t know the rhythm

Some days, we’re geniuses – others, we put the laundry in the oven. You might be the smartest person in the world and still have off days. Learning is a great example of this. When you crack open a textbook or watch an online lecture, as you absorbing the info or deleting it?

You might be tired, hungry or distracted. Energy plays a role. Even so, you’ve probably felt unfocused while rested, yet focused while exhausted before.

Because there’s something you can to do double your brain power… or half it.

This “technique” (if you can call it that) applies to everything. I use it with writing, for example. This, I learned to embrace the hard way and not every writer does. I was recently talking with someone who didn’t use this and struggled.

She’d maybe put 100 words down, then stop.

Then end up rewriting it all (if not deleting it).

Slow, brutal progress.

When I explained this principle, her eyes lit up and she immediately saw how to multiply her output.

It’s the same with studying. You could spend hours rereading the same page of text and not absorb it.

Or you could skim it and understand it immediately.

The idea is simple enough:

Every task has a rhythm. Find your task’s rhythm and you’ll enter the flow state. Ignore it and it’s a matter of luck.

Dancing has a pretty clear rhythm – what the music’s is. Just try to dance out of step with the music without it being terrible.

It’s the same with conversations, meditating, doing your taxes… and, yes, learning.

The only difference is the rhythm is harder to spot.

Some of you will read this and something will click. You’ll get a gut sense of how you can do better at everything, right now.

Others will have no idea what I’m talking about or at least how to apply it.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. You can find the optimal rhythm for studying simply by listening to the right audio. Just like certain songs evoke that specific mood, the right sounds create a state where your mind and the learning task are in perfect harmony.

Get this right and it doubles your intelligence, in that moment at least.

And that’s probably conservative. Compare your best learning days to your worst and you’re more than twice as capable.

If you’ve been leaving this to chance, it’s time to stop and gain control over your learning experience.

It’s literally the smart thing to do.

Before learning anything else, get started here:

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