Hallucinate for fun and profit

When you’re in a hypnotic trance, you’re more susceptible to hallucinations. You can see, hear and experience things that aren’t really there.

Sometimes, this is the spontaneous churning of your unconscious thinking. Your inner mind is constantly calculating, adjusting and deciding what’s happening in the world. You see something long and snakelike in the bush and part of you imagines “snake!” while another part says “stick”.

Your brain creates both impressions, but only one makes it into conscious awareness.

Now imagine that times a million. Every cluster of sensory information can be interpreted in different ways.

Are those sounds a tree failing, a motorbike revving or a gang of marauders preparing for battle?

Is that flash of movement prey, a rival, a hundred dollar bill caught in the breeze or just a tree branch?

These assessments occur all the time, automatically, without your control. They even happen when you sleep, because different senses wake you up in different ways. The smell of smoke will wake you differently from the smell of baking bread.

And out of this storm of activity, sometimes your brain gets it wrong. It sees a glimpse of brown and extrapolates a whole cow.

This happens more often when you’re sleep deprived and you feel on the verge of dreaming.

And it happens in a hypnotic trance.

The cool thing is you can control this.

You can use this for yourself to literally dream opportunities into reality.


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