What’s the deal with my hard-to-find donation button?

What’s the deal with my hard-to-find donation button?

A little while ago, I made a change to my subscription service. By that, I mean I got rid of it. People can now access most of what used to be behind a paywall.

It’s not free so much as pay-what-you-want now. You can download any and all of my hypnotic guided meditations. Then, if you want, you can donate some money via my PayPal account.

It’s a big change.

(And there are bigger ones coming. Oooh boy.)

But some of you are wondering…

Whether you’re whispering behind my back or muttering under your breath…

What on earth is wrong with me?

Sure, I have a donation button… way at the bottom of the page. It’s hard to find and there’s no clever marketing to get you to cough up.

I could place the donation button at the top, surrounded by juicy calls to action.

I could, if nothing else, ask for people’s emails before they can download these hypnotic guided meditations. I did spend hours recording those, not to mention years learning how to create them.

These are reasonable opinions and sensible suggestions.

And, yes, I considered all of them.

One problem, though:

I don’t want people to donate unless they want to. That donation button, hidden away at the bottom, is there for your benefit, not mine.

I honestly don’t care whether you donate or not. It’s not like that’s paying the bills or anything.

You might care, though.

You might feel guilty for “taking advantage” of me.

Or you might know the more you sacrifice to gain something, the more you appreciate it.

So those hypnotic guided meditations are there for you, for whatever you want to give (or not).

For now, at least.

Who knows when I’ll change my business model again?

(Because, yes, the next change might see those disappear… dun dun dun….)

So if you’ve unsure, you better grab them now.

And if you want to throw some money my way, you’re welcome to.

You can find the audios and the somewhat hidden button here, for now:


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Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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