Thou shalt have all gods, including you, before you

When you combine 13 philosophies – as I have with 5 Realms Meditation – there are bound to be conflicts and incompatibilities.

Some of you will struggle to handle that.

If one philosophy says that reality flows from heaven, while another says it emerges from the earth, then how can they coexist?


Your conscious mind sees the contradiction.

Your unconscious mind sees the connection.

That’s how you can, in fact, know the world is vast and densely populated, that the universe is mostly barren and empty, and that you’re special and important, all at once.

So how’s this for a contradiction:

You can embrace the tenets of a range of religions, all while building a temple to you – something frowned upon by pretty much all faiths – without your head exploding.

If this inconsistency bothers you, oh well. Enjoy being confused by the complex, inconsistent world you live in.

For everyone else?

You will find immense value in my approach to combining these philosophies and techniques. When you look for the similarities and compatibilities, you’ll notice how you can combine them into something that uses the strength of each culture.

No one says you have to be boxed in.

You can, in fact, choose to transcend a set of rules and limitations.

Here’s how:

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