High Intensity Interval Meditation

The classic way to boost your meditation skills is to meditate for longer.

A 50-minute meditation session – no matter your school or practice – is leagues ahead of a 20-minute one.

(Which is already amazing, given what even five minutes can do for you.)

So there you go. Meditate for longer.

You’re welcome!

Okay, okay… maybe not.

Not everyone has time to sit around all day. Yes, I know the Gandhi quote about not having time to meditate, so meditate more. That’s good advice, but it’s also a little unrealistic at times.

Also: how does it help you when you struggle to meditate for even two minutes?

That’s where a trick out of exercise comes in:

Although to be honest, I lifted this from hypnosis. I’m much more than a hypnotist than an athlete.

Anyway, the trick:

Meditate for a little while. If you can only handle a minute, go for a minute.

Then stop, open your eyes, reset and get back to it.

It’s the same as with high intensity interval training – you don’t have to go long. Pressing forward then taking a break can help you reach new heights.

Or new depths of trance.

So there’s a meditation technique for free. If it’s useful to you, I’m happy to part with it.

Mostly because the principles are more valuable, interesting and fun.

I doubt I’m the first person to develop this technique, but I didn’t learn it from anyone. I created it from what I know.

Once you understand the ‘how’, you can figure out the ‘what’.

But it’s not easy. Despite piloting a mind all your life, it’s tough to really grok it. That’s why so many folks fall prey to misinformation. It sounds right enough but it isn’t.

And that’s the funny thing about the truth:

Sometimes it sounds impossible but isn’t.

Lies are comfortable and safe. But reality, though? Well, reality does what it wants.

That’s not to say you should doubt sensible things and embrace the absurd.

What I’m saying is you should embrace the absurd that you end up being able to do.

Like meditate more deeply in less time.

Or learn from anyone – even dead folks and fictional characters.

Or fashion masks that let you become anyone you want.

What about learning, in your own time, a style of meditation so advanced that it scares plenty of monks?

You can experience the absurd truth of all that right here:


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