Phew. Thank goodness history doesn’t repeat itself

I’m reading a biography of William Stephenson.

Who was he and what did he do, you ask? That’s not so easy to answer.

The short answer was he was Churchill’s intelligence chief in World War 2. Or something like that – I haven’t gotten to that part yet.

The long answer… well… think of some major event that happened in the first half of the 20th Century. He was probably somehow involved, either predicting it, causing it, trying to prevent it, using it or learning from it.

It’s a weird read. In between helping found the BBC and helping invent television, he was building a private spy network – because the British Government of the day had no interest in such ungentlemanly conduct.

This is how he saw World War 2 coming, even in the so-called peaceful era after the so-called war to end all wars.

Britain of the 1920s and ‘30s didn’t want war, so anyone who warned of it was dismissed as a crackpot.

A warmonger.

I’m sure today they’d be called a conspiracy theorist.

Stephenson was part of a group, which included the then-political pariah Winston Churchill, warning folks about the militarisation of Germany.

As a businessman and steel magnate, he had good relationships with many Germans in the military and industry. He listened as German generals told him about blitzkrieg. He kept his eyes open as he toured factories that produced weapons of war, disguised as crop-dusting planes and consumer goods.

When he passed this information on, people chose not to believe it. They knew those factories – factories they hadn’t even seen – were making cars and lawnmowers. The alternative would be going to war in the future and they didn’t want that.

Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia and people still said all he wanted was peace.

Thank goodness history doesn’t repeat itself.

Thank goodness people aren’t pointing out obvious looming problems and being ridiculed for it.

That would mean we’ve learned nothing and that we’re not as smart, wise and unified as we think.

Oh well.

As usual, you have your choice of moves here.

You can moan about how the human race is doomed – that we had a good run.

You can fashion the most scathing meme of your enemies. Just wait to everyone sees how dumb they really are.


You can do something that’ll make a difference.

You can aim high and seek to change to world.

The odds are against you, sure – but if everyone works to avoid the rising catastrophes, then we have a chance together. We’ve survived every crisis until now and averted more problems than history could record, so why not aim to do that again?

And who knows, maybe you do have the aura of destiny about you. Maybe you’re the next Churchill, leading your people through to the other side of their greatest challenge yet.

There’s only one way to find out:

Go for it.

Be the best you can.

Embrace everything you have, you are and you will do.

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