Why do you hold delete to fix a typo?

Here’s a strange quirk most of us do, including me:

Let’s say I misspelled the word ‘misspelled’ in this sentence (I wouldn’t be alone – that double-S catches people out). If I noticed that by the time I reached here, I’d hold down the delete key until I erased the offending mistake from the screen, then rewrite the entire sentence from my short term memory.

There are limits to that, of course.

If I noticed the mistake around, oh, I don’t know, here or so, I’d click on the mangled word and fix it with the precision of surgery.

Which raises an interesting question:

If we’re capable of such precise alterations, why do we ever delete half a sentence just to expunge one error?

I’m sure there’s more than one explanation for this.

For me, though – and I expect for many others – it’s about preserving flow.

As long as you keep meaningfully typing away at the keys, you’re still in that writing state of mind. The moment you invoke the mouse, though, that changes.

I’m assuming you’re typing with a mouse and keyboard, of course. The only thing more efficient than that is dictation, which I struggle with for some reason. I’m great at writing, great at public speaking, yet speaking something for others to read messes with my flow for some reason.

Anyway, there’s a point to all this.

Writing’s not the only activity that’s better when you get into the flow.

In fact, few activities aren’t.

And while I’m bragging about my writing prowess, did you know I can enter the writing flow state in less than a second?

It’s not perfect, of course. But there’s a reason why I used to struggle to write 300 words a week and now I write thousands of words a day.

I can even write with the news in the background, not that I do that by choice, and if I can do it with that killer of creativity, joy and flow blaring panic in between obnoxious ads, then I can do it anywhere.

Flow – it really is a wonderful thing. It feels great, it’s useful and it’s essential if you’re interested in exploring the edges of what you and your life can be.

Flow unlocks everything.

And trance unlocks flow.

I’m working on a protocol or two to help folks perform at higher levels. Flow is a part of it, but by no means the only part. If you’re interested in seeing what you’re made of, sign up for a Consultation (so we can talk more) or a Neural Reset (so you get a taste of the calm, relaxed focus you’ll feel):


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