What Holds Back Your Career

What Holds Back Your Career

Your career matters. Whether you work part-time or full-time, for yourself or others, in an office or on the move, it’s a huge part of your life. It takes enormous amounts of time and energy. If your job is the right fit, then that investment rewards you.

And you know that I don’t just mean financially.

That’s why it pays, so to speak, to get this part of your life right. Your career is your gift to the world (and the world’s gift to you). It’s your legacy, your claim to fame and, for many of you, your identity.

So, I hope it’s a good one.

But what do you do if it’s not?

Well, that depends on what’s holding you back.

Maybe you deserve a promotion. You’ve proven your value again and again. It’s just that when you try to ask for one, something holds you back.

Or perhaps you work for yourself. The issue is that it’s hard to find the right clients or dream up the best services.

These problems assume you already know your ideal career. But maybe you have no idea what to do with your life. What do you do then?

The truth is that all of these challenges – plus many more – have a common cause.

Imagine someone who, as a young child, learned that success leads to suffering. They may have seen an adult strive for something, achieve it, then dramatically implode. Some part of them recorded this lesson as the rest of their psyche matured around it.

Fast-forward to adulthood. Whenever they set their mind on something, their inner mind remembers the lesson. The closer they get to succeeding, the more concerned this part of them becomes. After all, your mind wants to protect you and it sees this as a threat.

So the person makes an uncharacteristic mistake and fails at the last moment.

You might not have this limiting belief around success. There are millions of different kinds, though, from “I’m not good enough to succeed” to “money is evil”.

The first problem with these beliefs is that, consciously, you can know they’re wrong and still follow them. Reading about all the good that money can do might not shake the old belief. “Money is evil” is part of the foundations of the house, so adding new carpet won’t help.

The second problem with these beliefs is that they’re nonsense. You absorbed them when you were too young to know better. They became part of your background mental chatter, even though they’re wrong.

Success is a great thing, money is as good as how you use it and you are good enough.

Read it and believe it, as best you can. If your limiting beliefs are weakly held, you can pry them out by learning better ones.

But if they are too deeply engrained into your foundations…

Well, you need a powerful set of tools to do the job.

Self-hypnosis peels back the veil separating your conscious and unconscious minds. What you are aware of is a tiny blip, floating in a vast sea of automatic thoughts. Some of your greatest resources, happiest memories and powerful mental abilities lie in this realm.

As do your bad habits, false beliefs and other internal obstacles.

By learning to navigate this aspect of yourself, you can bring to light what has always been invisible. Once you become aware of something, you can choose to activate it or discard it.

You can fix what’s broken and restore what’s lost.

It isn’t always easy.

Growth never is.

But it’s always worth it. And you’ll find that more than just your career reaps the benefits of this practice.

There’s a guide you can read. It covers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of self-hypnosis. Everything from entering a trance to what to do when you’re there lies in its pages.

If you want to easily and safely navigate the burrows of your own mind…

You can read about it here:


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