Holiday freshness vs the muck of reality

Ahh, holidays…

How we will soon miss them, if we don’t already.

As we start filtering back to work, the world starts chipping away at all that relaxation.

Maybe you’re one of the rare few who genuinely enjoys their work.

Who would gladly pay to do what they do.

For most of us, though? We need a whole lot of compensation to roll out of bed each morning. Even if you overall enjoy your work, it’s probably not something you’d do for free.

It’s like swapping sanity for money… at an awful exchange rate.

This is how it doesn’t take long to start feeling the need for another holiday.

For some folk, that kicks in after a couple of months.

For others, a couple of hours.

And then there are those who don’t know what I mean, because there is no grace period after time off. As soon as they walk into the office, it’s like they never left.

In my decade or so of cubicle dwelling, I lasted anywhere from two to six months after a decent break. Then I’d be feeling so frazzled I’d crave another one.

That’s quite a range.

Taking a break at the mid-year mark? That’s manageable.

Needing one twice per season? That’s a smidge less so.

And here’s the thing:

While external circumstances played a role, the biggest difference came from the inside.

From what I was doing to keep the holiday freshness alive.

The muck of reality has a way of creeping in if you let it.

It doesn’t have to, though.

Train your mind and you can keep the relaxation alive for a little longer.

You can even learn ways to relax quicker and deeper than you manage now. This is why monks often seem so calm – maybe even a little too calm. But you can gain all the benefits without joining a monastic order or spending each moment in excruciating deliberate awareness.

Monster Mind Edukaré builds on what you are. And, sure, some of that involves entraining mindfulness.

Most of it?

Much easier, more fun and more rewarding than that.

Here’s the link:

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