Holistic health in 2020: laziness and gullibility

I read an article talking about the “holistic health” of next year, and what trends will dominate the market.

And I gotta say, folks, the future looks bleak.

Here’s what lies on the other side of the crystal ball:

A few gizmos that do all the work for you. No effort required on your part – simply lie there and let the healing wash over you. Does it work? Who knows… but I’d be sceptical of anything allegedly holistic that doesn’t involve your mind at any stage.

Remember: the whole point of holistic healing is that it heals everything. Sidelining all thinking and effort sounds dubious.

Then there’s crystal healing, which is surging in popularity because science shows it works.

Haha, kidding.

It’s booming because celebrities like it.

I don’t have anything against crystals, as such. They look cool – and surrounding yourself with beauty is smart.

I just hope you remember that it would work just as well with sea shells, cool pebbles and clay figurines you sculpted, baked and painted yourself. (Actually, that last one would be way better. Art therapy rocks.)

Crystals are gorgeous. They also float in a sea of baseless hype, predatory marketing and crazy mark ups.

And then it mentioned meditation.

Thank goodness – a mind training discipline that works. One that requires patience, dedication and sac…

Wait, no. Not meditation. Apparently what’s set to boom are guided meditation apps.


Guided meditation apps are better than nothing, in the sense that some folk use them who would otherwise not meditate at all.

But they’re worse than nothing in a very real sense:

Guided meditations keep your attention on the task. They help keep distractions at bay. Except distractions are the entire point. Keeping your mind on the present moment – despite thoughts, sounds, sensations, boredom… – is where the benefits come from.

Sure, guided meditations make it easier. In the same way a crane makes it easier to lift weights. That ease robs you of the real benefits.

You’re better off struggling and persevering. You can’t outsource your attention and expect the same results.

How disappointing. Once more, there’s a gaping chasm between what’s trendy and what’s worthwhile.

But maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe while everyone else is taking mind training advice from singers, you’ll do the smart thing.

You’ll tackle meditation the hard way.

Learn some bizarre, confusing and confronting facts about the mind.

Same again, only for your mind.

All this after spending hundreds of dollars and committing to work on it for months.

Because all of that is trivially cheap, quick and easy when you remember it’s your mind that you’re training. This is how you get holistic health – through dedication and effort.

The paradox is if you don’t understand that on a gut level, then you need this training more than most.

Either way, here’s the link:


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