Homer Simpson = Self-hypnosis Genius?

Homer Simpson = Self-hypnosis Genius?

I often said I’m not so much a fan of The Simpsons as its disciple. It was the #1 show when I was growing up – in the world and in my mind. It was clever, quotable and utterly addictive.

I haven’t seen an episode in years, probably. Even so, I like to think I know it well.

So how can I claim Homer Simpson is a genius at anything?

Let alone something as unusual and esoteric as self-hypnosis?

It’s pretty obvious if you think about it.

Homer can take a ridiculous level of physical punishment. Yes, you might point to his extra-thick skull (aka ‘Homer Simpson Syndrome’) as how. That probably helps… but you try doing what he does while wearing a football helmet.

That would still hurt.

I mean… he fell down Springfield gorge.


A decent skull won’t cut it.

What gives him the edge is being able to secrete painkillers at will. When he got a phone bill he didn’t understand, his brain told him to sign the cheque, and if he did, it’d release endorphins.

It took me quite a bit of practice to do that, even a little. To him, he got a shudder-inducing load of endorphins just by thinking about it.

Of course, there’s more to resilience than blocking pain.

But, boy, does that help.

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