I’m a horribly flawed person (but you don’t have to be)

I’m not perfect – not even close. Who is, right? But here’s the thing – I’m in the personal development niche. There’s pressure to hide my flaws, mistakes and failures. I’m “supposed” to present a shiny, happy, successful front to the world.

It wouldn’t make me happy to do that, so I won’t. Besides, you deserve honesty.

And I’m not about to humblebrag or anything. I could say all the ways I used to mess up, but no longer… thanks to self-hypnosis (which I would then follow with a plug for my self-hypnosis training guide).


What I’m about to say is all relevant now. These are my current issues – the ones I haven’t resolved yet.

All right, enough teasing. Let’s begin this autopsy.

I feel flat sometimes. Tapping into my life’s purpose has supercharged my energy… overall. Right now, I’m feeling tired and unfocused. Part of me wants to eat junk food, watch TV then nap on the couch.

I get frustrated with technology. I’m pretty zen, up until my computer runs slow or the laptop won’t turn on.

I’m obsessive. If what I should be doing isn’t what I’m obsessed with, I struggle. If it is, then I can blot out the world and pour all my energy into it. This would be fine if there weren’t people who rely on me. It often seems like I’m at the whims of my own compulsions.

Related to the obsession thing: I put way too much pressure on myself. It’s usually not a problem. I’m ambitious and I expect a lot from me. It sometimes crosses a line, though. And when it does, it’s not great.

Related to the pressure thing: I genuinely want to improve the world. This is not an idle wish, as I’m building the right skills all the time. This is always been my intention and why I jumped into hypnosis with both feet. It’s not as if I’m delusional about it. But it’s possible, if not likely, that I have a martyr complex.

When an inner voice says, “the world’s problems aren’t your responsibility,” the obsessive part of me responds, “but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to change things”.

I often say (or write) things without thinking.

I’m insecure about stuff. My hypnosis skills are elite level (that’s not a brag – I have great teachers) but I doubt myself. And even if my hypnosis skills are great, do I have the business skills to put them to use?

Sometimes I wonder if there’s a point to learning this and sharing it.

I have vices. I’ve already mentioned TV and junk food. The list goes on. It’s not a terrible list – think video games, not drugs – but they still keep me from either working or relaxing.

But here’s what I love about this list:

It used to be a lot worse. I know I can improve on all of these, since I already have.

And it gets even better. None of these is a problem if I follow my own advice. If I meditate, exercise and stay focused on my purpose, then none of these bother me. It’s only when my meditation slips that my doubts blossom, my obsessions grow harmful and my productivity runs aground.

That’s okay because I’m getting better. Ask me again in six months – I’ll be even better at all of these.

And, hey, if you can relate then why not join me? Personal development can be a lonely road, so let’s walk it together.

I’ll even share the resources I often use. They always help me.

(Do as I say, not as I always do.)

And there’s nothing like a having a crew to get you through things.

Check it all out here:

What can the 8Ps do for you?

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