How breathing boosts discipline

How breathing boosts discipline

Could you use a little more discipline in your life?

Do you need to wake up earlier, work harder, be kinder to yourself or put away the hamburgers?

With enough discipline, you can go further than other people and do what they won’t. Whether you’re an entrepreneur out to conquer the world or someone with a family looking to be better for them, discipline helps.

Luckily, you’re not born with it. You can train it like any muscle.

And all you need to do is breathe.

Surely you’re doing that already, right? I mean, who has read this far who isn’t breathing?

Well, you got me there.

Just like everyone – even the laziest, sorriest soul around – has at least a little discipline, everyone is breathing at least a little bit.

The thing is you can train your mind by training your breathing.

You can choose to breathe deeply and calmly, which invites you to think deeply and calmly.

You can focus on each breath, noticing the subtle sensations – and even the subtle joys – that come from inhaling and exhaling.

And there’s a lot more to breathing than just that.

But that’s plenty. If you want discipline, you need disciplined focus.

You get disciplined focus by training your attention.

All the other benefits of breathing well – like having more energy, fewer headaches and better sleep – are all added bonuses.

It all comes from following the breathing exercises here.

Not to mention all the other related exercises.

Here’s the link:

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