How hunter-gatherers got by without libraries

How hunter-gatherers got by without libraries

How did hunter-gatherers learn beyond what their tribe knew? How did they create knowledge without the internet? By using a technique similar to what I’ll teach you.

If you want to learn a simple skill, what would you do?

You’d probably head to either blogs or YouTube. There’s going to be a quick, simple demo somewhere online. A world of education lies in your fingertips.

Rewind the clock a few decades and you’d go to the library. Someone somewhere will have written a book about it. A world of education might not be at your fingertips, but at least it’s in your neighbourhood.

And if we turn back time even further?

Let’s say, like most humans who have ever lived, you’re a hunter-gatherer. How would you learn how to hunt or gather?

Your tribe would teach you everything they knew.

And maybe a friendly neighbouring tribe knew a trick or two.

That’s about it – the total store of knowledge available to you.

Well… unless you knew a little shamanism, that is. Then you could enter the spirit realm or the dreamlands and find answers there. There, you could learn from ancestors, spirit animals and the earth itself.

You could learn hunting techniques from the wolf and patience from the mountain.

During this state of trancelike dreaming, you would experience visions containing the answers you need.

A world of education behind your eyelids.

I’m no shaman and I don’t send people on spirit quests.

But I do send people deep into their unconscious mind.

Ultimately, it’s the same thing. One is a scientific label for a mystical experience; the other is a mystical label for a scientific one.

Choose whichever meshes best with your worldview.

There’s one advantage with leaning towards the science, though: you can experiment, refine and develop in new ways.

This means you can enter deep trances – what shamans would call spirit quests – without drugs, chanting or living in the forest.

In fact, you can do it anywhere. Once you learn to shape your trance experience, you realise how much you’ve done it all along.

Those flashes of insight, inspiration or intuition that changed everything?

Where else did that come from but the world of knowledge already inside you.

Learn greater control and you can have even more of this. It begins my learning the basics of self-hypnosis. How to do that (and what comes next) waits impatiently for you:

Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

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