How hypnosis increases free will

Some folks reading this think hypnosis is some kind of magic mind control, like you see on TV. A tool to turn people into puppets.

Some think hypnosis isn’t real, because they’ve never bothered to spend 30 seconds on Google Scholar.

Many of you know hypnosis is a powerful mental tool for influencing people and increasing suggestibility.

And I guess some of you want to contest the ‘free will’ part. Something like “we have free will because we have souls!” or “humans are deterministic!”. Free will ain’t an absolute. Look around – some folks clearly have more self-determination than others…

Either way, only a small handful of you would agree with me here.

Not only can hypnosis increase your free will, it’s one of the best tools out there for it.

If you think I’m talking about hypnotising folks to be resistant to hypnosis… I’m not. Sure, it’s possible to do that – not that I recommend it.

No, what I’m talking about is a natural, unintentional side effect of regular hypnosis.

Consider it thusly:

The vast majority of folks who committed a violent crime regret it. Whether it’s armed assault or worse, they tend to commit these acts when they’re not thinking clearly. Either a moment of passion or feeling boxed in, like this is their only choice.

Now, maybe only the ones who get caught feel regret. I guess I can’t rule it out… but their lack of anticipating the consequences still shows they weren’t thinking things through.

And, sure, there are exceptions to this.

But it suggests a great way to reduce crime rates among at risk youth is to train them to think.

Mindfulness, so they can catch themselves in the moment.

Other techniques to better think through their decisions.

I only know of small trials where they’ve tested this, although I haven’t looked recently. Maybe there are new findings. But everything I’ve read points to this being a proven and powerful approach.

Knowing these skills helps them make better decisions.

Now, doesn’t that count as having more free will?

This story gets even better, though.

Because, sure, you’re probably not a criminal. But we all feel desperate, upset or angry sometimes. And when we make decisions from those places… well, they’re usually the wrong ones.

So we could all benefit from this.

But who says mindfulness is the best – or even the only – tool out there?

This is where hypnosis comes it. Depending on the style, it combines mindfulness, visualisation, somatic therapy, acceptance therapy, the emotional freedom technique, NLP and a truckload more.

Forget resisting the urge to do dumb stuff – hypnosis helps you be free of that in the first place. And it gives you new ways of thinking and behaving, even on an unconscious level.

The choice is yours – and more so after your first session.

Speaking of your sessions…

Why not check out a few ways hypnosis can help you right here:

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