How hypnosis works

A lot of folk want to know how hypnosis works. I’m one of them. I use hypnosis (on myself and others) every day. My skills are at an advanced level. I’ve thousands of different hypnotic experiences and have created trances in the strangest ways.

Even so…

This isn’t some glaring gap in my education. I don’t know how it works because no one does.

Science doesn’t know how hypnosis works. It knows that it does and some of what it can do. But how? We have some clues, guesses and not much else.

It’s a great counterpoint to anyone who calls scientists arrogant. Plenty of slackminded and silver tongued fortune tellers will say, when challenged on the validity of their craft:

“Science doesn’t know everything!”

Science doesn’t know anything. It’s not a store of knowledge; it’s a way of testing reality. Tarot cards come up lacking. Hypnosis kicks the snot out of placebos.

We can measure hypnosis without knowing what it is. Before Einstein, before even Newton, people could measure gravity without having the foggiest idea of what it was. Tell a medieval scholar that the same force that makes things fall down is what makes planets move across the sky, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

Even so, they could measure how fast something falls.

They could see it’s the same, roughly, not matter where you are in the world.

And if they somehow invented spaceships, they could measure it getting weaker as they left the Earth.

It’s easier to know that something works than to know how it works.

My point?

Maybe I don’t have one.

If you want to know how hypnosis works, I could spout some theories. There are social models and psychological models and neurological models and evolutionary models…

There are even some genetic and quantum physics ideas on how it works.

But I won’t talk about any of that.

Do you honestly care how it works, if you know it does?

Maybe, maybe not.

If you want all the answers, you’re probably waiting impatiently for me to elaborate on some of those theories. But I won’t do you that disservice. You won’t be able to tell which theories make sense and which are pure nonsense, though.

Not until you experience it.

Not until you have deep revelations about yourself – the kind that only come through hypnotic trances.

Hypnosis is best experienced and then analysed. Otherwise we’re talking about everything and nothing.

So experience it.

How, you ask?

Bah – that’s simple. The next step is to keep reading:

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