How I let the lockdowns beat me

When society entered lockdown for two weeks to flatten the curve, I eagerly complied. It was a small price to pay to prevent a peak of infections, and to set the medical system build up capacity for all the expected cases.

Then… well, you know the rest.

The plan was no longer to flatten the curve but to… I don’t know. Hide under a pile of coats and hope everything works out?

But, whatever. A few months of this would be fine.

I took the time at home to write more, exercise more, create more, meditate more…

Then here in Canberra, the lockdowns half-lifted. Some places opened with reasonable restrictions, others didn’t… all with the threat of fresh lockdowns at any moment.

This coincided with the eternal night that is winter here and a few stresses in my personal life.

That’s when I started to slip.

I stopped exercising, barely practiced self-hypnosis, spending all day at my desk. I wasn’t depressed or anything – I still wrote a lot and worked hard on stuff – but I let the siege mentality of it all get to me.

My posture worsened, my old anxiety came back and I found myself with a short fuse again.

While still writing, my productivity was way down. I had powerful ideas churning inside me that I couldn’t bring myself to express. Instead, I watched a lot of TV, played plenty of video games, ate, drank…

Fortunately, I wasn’t completely lost. I could still dig deep and become hypnotic when I needed to… but it was more work than it used to be. It felt less natural than it had.

I knew I had the skills to deal with it all.

And I knew I could help others going through something similar.

All I had to do was figure out my own mind again.

I started with the basics. I used my Ziggurat Technique to get on top of my anxiety. Then I turned to The 8P System. It felt like I was starting from scratch, so it made sense to turn to my basic program.

My original plan was to create a new program specifically for reversing the covid catastrophe. When I reconnected with the eight principles in that system, I realised I didn’t have to. The answer was here all along.

Now, I feel better than I have in months. I feel human again – like I’m becoming something new, rather than struggling to keep myself from crumbling.

Why am I saying this?

I don’t want you to follow my advice because you think I’m perfect. There are many things Zen monks, Olympic athletes and natural supergeniuses can teach you… but I’m not one of them.

And that’s why I want you to follow my advice.

I can help with your anxiety because I’m helping me with mine every day.

I’ve never smoked, but I do have an obsessive/addictive personality – something I’ve turned to my advantage.

In my life, I’ve had to manage emotional blocks, unleash my creativity, tap into my inner genius, reset my nervous system and learn to relax… which is why I know I can help you do the same.

Don’t follow me because I’m perfect.

Follow me because I’m not, and getting better anyway.

Be sure to start with how The 8P System can help you during these times. I didn’t design it for a crisis, but it works well in one anyway. In fact, no matter what you plan to do second, you should do this first.

The best part?

I don’t ask you for a single cent to use it. When it helps you, there’ll be plenty of other things for you to buy from me. In the meantime, enjoy it in good health.

Read how to use it and how to download it right now, right here:

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