How I pull myself out of a rut

I’ve been in ruts before, and I’m sure I’ll be in them again.

That’s fine. I’d rather be in the occasional funk and know I can pull myself out. The alternative is never knowing when the hammer will fall.

And when it falls, it falls hard.

There’s a strange kind of melancholy that comes with feeling trapped like that. Like every day is the same.

Like nothing you do matters.

It’s subtler and less terrible than full-blown depression, which might even make it hard to complain about.

“What you think you have it bad? A vague sense of dissatisfaction? Boo hoo!”

But it’s a bigger problem than most folk give it credit for.

The common advice is to “shake things up”. If you’re in a rut, then make a change – any change.

There’s wisdom to this advice. Something as simple as changing which wall your laptop faces can do the trick.

So give that a go.

It could work.

If it doesn’t… or if it works for a while, then stops… then you need to do this:

You need to shake things up.

But not out there in the physical world. I’m talking in here – shake up your thoughts first and your circumstances will follow.

And even if they don’t changing how you think makes everything seem fresh again.

This is what I did.

And it’s what I’ll do again the next time everything feels stagnate.

I’ll reach inside my mind, find the thoughts that are stuck in loops and give them a nudge.

I’ll take my paradigms and give them a tweak.

And I’ll do what I cover in Monster Mind Edukaré, which you can grab right here:

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