How lockdowns make you sick

For the past few months, you – no matter how healthy you are – are being treated as though you’re chronically sick.

The lockdowns and restrictions – which were supposed to last two weeks to “flatten the curve” – will last until… when? The virus goes away? We get a vaccine for it? I honestly don’t know what the plan is…

And no one knows when the end is coming.

You’re told to fear everything – crowds, surfaces, door handles…

Everyone is a threat to you and you to them. Yes, everyone – even if they have no symptoms.

Everywhere you look, there’s a reminder that your body is – or at least could be – under attack by violating and dangerous invisible entities. There’s no escaping it.

Businesses are closing. Heck, entire industries are closing – how are cinemas going to survive this? Don’t care about movies? Fine, but do you care about all the people they – and all the other industries – employ?

How long will your paycheque keep coming in with the world like this… assuming you’re lucky enough to have a job?

Socialising is down, exercising is down, many of the best ways of coping with the bullshit of the world have gone. But, hey, at least you still have video games, booze and porn, right?

All of this is true… even if the lockdowns make sense.

Even if the lockdowns save more lives than they cost, save the economy more than they damage it, and are the wisest decision our leaders have ever made…

… at best, that makes them the lesser of two evils. It still did – and continues to do – tremendous damage to you. Not just ‘the economy’ or ‘culture’ or ‘businesses’, but you.

This wasn’t some choice between the bank accounts of fat cats and the public health. This was a lose-lose situation… which means you lost.

But here’s where you are now:

You can keep on losing as the world stays messed up…


You can begin to rebuild.

The answer has been is front of us all along. My email subscribers have what they need already… but it’s not too late for you.

These free resources, together, reverse a lot of the damage the lockdowns have done.

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