How Many Trances Have You Been In This Week?

The state of mind people call a “hypnotic trance” is a strange one.

And it’s completely normal.

It’s strange because it feels unusual. It’s like being intensely calm. And it’s like being hyper focused and open. Words can’t describe it but those aren’t bad.

You’ve probably felt like this already this week. Have you had a moment where something completely absorbed your attention?

Maybe it was a good conversation.

Perhaps it was a gripping TV show, movie or podcast.

It could have been a task that engaged you in exactly the right way.

Or maybe you were totally relaxed, watching a sunset or your child play in the yard.

If you’ve had a moment like this, then you already know what a trance feels like. It’s that, only much more intense.

Much, much more.

If you’ve never experienced that – and many people don’t operate that way – then think about it this way. There are some days where your brain just works. Ideas come faster than usual, people listen to you better and things seem easier to work through.

Your trances will probably be like that. Only, again, more so.

And it’s one thing to experience trance, another to use it.

You might not know anything about trance – even what it would be like to master it. But master it you must.

And when you do, it’s like holding the keys to the deepest parts of your mind.

Here’s how you go from the absolute start to total mastery:

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