How much does hypnosis cost?

Ah, it’s a simple question, one that comes up a lot. If you want to experience hypnosis, you might want to know what it’ll cost you first.

Fair enough, right? If you want to buy a car, it’s handy to know it’ll probably cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

So, on with the answer. What does hypnosis cost?


Anywhere from ‘nothing’ to ‘the GDP of a small country’.

It can cost just about anything, and here’s why:

Hypnosis can be just about anything.

It can be an untrained, pimply teen lifelessly reading scripts into a webcam.

Or it can be someone with such an amazing presence, simply sitting with them is mesmerising.

Some hypnotists will help you overcome anxiety.

Others will help you rebuild your mind from the ground up.

What is each of those worth to you?

You came here asking how much it costs and I can’t answer you. Instead, I’ll give you two tips on how to find the best value hypnotists around:

First, find a new hypnotist in your area and see if they’re offering deals. Hypnotists thrive on testimonials and referrals, so it’s a common (and sensible) tactic for them to offer a few sessions for cheap to start off.

Will they be any good?

No idea.

But at least they’re underpricing themselves because they care about something other than money (that is, building their brand). Otherwise, cheap hypnosis should make your nose crinkle.

If that’s not your style then relax and smile, because here comes the second tip:

Follow the link below and read the sales page. You’ll get months, if not years of hypnosis for the price of a few sessions.

All in the convenience of your own home.

Here’s the link:

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