How non-smokers quit smoking

Take a non-smoker and pay them $100 to smoke a cigarette.

Say they do it. Their reaction will range from complete disgust to mild indifference.

“Urgh, how can you stand the smell?” to “eh, it’s okay, I guess”.

Then ask them to quit:


They won’t have withdrawals. They might (but probably won’t) have a craving for another smoke – if they do, they’ll laugh it off.

Now that’s a great strategy to quit smoking: just do it and laugh off the cravings.

All this might strike you as oh-so-unenlightening. Of course non-smokers quit easier than smokers. Where’s the great revelation in that?

Yeah, I know it’s obvious but don’t let that fool you.

Have you ever stopped to think about why it’s so easy?

You might say it’s a matter of chemical addiction. Someone who smokes craves, on a chemical level, nicotine. Non-smokers don’t. But that goes against what we know about smoking. Nicotine cravings disappear within a day or two of your last smoke. You don’t have to salivate over another cigarette for long.

The difference between the two groups is entirely in how they think.

Non-smokers don’t smoke – I hope that’s obvious. But I don’t just mean it’s not an action they do. It’s not part of their habits or identity. It’s not that they can’t… they just, you know, don’t smoke.

Just as they don’t eat gravel, crawl down escalators or a million other things that are possible.

Now… what if it was that easy for you?

If quitting smoking is hard because of your habits or how you think about yourself, then that’s easy.

Like anything else, changing how you think is absurdly difficult without the right tools, yet so simple and automatic with them.

Can you imagine that? You look at a cigarette and instead of thinking about how you ‘shouldn’t smoke it’, you think ‘why would I when I’ve got better things to do?’

Just as a non-smoker would.

If you want to quit smoking, becoming a non-smoker is as easy and thorough as it gets. That doesn’t have to be the end of the process – it can be the start.

And since the only difference between you and non-smokers is in how you think, then change how you think.

Those unwanted thoughts don’t have to control your days. You can, in fact, achieve Freedom from Smoking faster and easier than you think.

Your next step involves signing up for a session at the link below.

If you’re ready to breathe easier, then this investment is one that’ll pay for itself within a month or so.

Here ya go:

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