How rotational symmetry saved my sanity

When I was younger…

(… I don’t just mean when I was a kid. This was true through my teen years, even my early 20s…)

… I was constantly frustrated.

I had my obsessive tendencies and a ton of energy… but no real way to channel it.

If you’re wondering how I can write so much in a few hours a week, this delightful combination is how. But, back then, I couldn’t write. I mean, I knew how to. It was just hard to focus.

I dreamed of writing novels but had no way to follow through. So my head was a maelstrom of good (and very much not-so-good) ideas. I might even start the occasional one, only to quickly abandon it.

Then I came across ambigrams – an art style where you design words that look the same upside down.

If you’ve read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, you know what I mean.

Anyway, this discovery changed my life.

They were quick to create, so I could actually finish them.

They were obscure. This is important, because the fewer folks do it, the less you compare yourself to them. It’s relatively easy to make a decent ambigram (though tough as hell to make a great one) – and, because most people never even try it, decent looks impressive.

So I had an outlet that was actually creative. Something I could channel everything brewing inside me into.

It taught me how to finish projects without an externally imposed deadline.

It taught me that I could create things.

That seed blossomed into everything else.

According to my dashboard, I’ve written over 350,000 words for Guided Thought. Sure, some of those are duplicate articles. But that doesn’t include my other site, the ten books I’ve published, the five eLearning courses I have on Skillshare or any of my other products.

Special mention to Monster Mind Edukaré, which has 19 modules – one of which contains multiple books – plus a steady trickle of bonus modules too.

My point is that I can create now.

And it all comes from having a project that resonated with me, right when I needed it.

Is that something you need right now too?

If so, you’re who I had in mind when I wrote Three-Score Navike. It contains 60 ways to improve your life, many of which are projects like this.

I sure would have liked to read this 20 years ago.

(Especially the stories of how I screwed up these endeavours.)

There’s not a lot I can do about timing except to direct you to this page now:

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