30 minutes left on how to be memorable, even if you’re boring

Conversation Hacker’s launch is drawing to a close 30 minutes from when I sent this.

(So less time from when you’re reading this.)

If you want 15 practical exercises that enhance your conversations, now’s the best time to buy. Grab these before the deadline and I’ll show you how to become more memorable.

I don’t care if you’re boring or you have to give a presentation on tax law. Anything can be made interesting and memorable.

In the bonus, I cover the 4 Pillars of Lasting Impressions – using just one, I tell an epic story about shaving.

Use all four and what you say sticks in minds like how honey sticks to chest hair.

If you’re sick of folk saying “yeah… maybe we’ve met?” to you, this is your answer.

But it’s disappearing oh so soon, if it hasn’t gone already.

Either way, hurry on over:


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