How To Use Bite-Sized Wisdom

Motivational quotes can turn sour in your brain. That’s why I have a range of techniques for handling them.

The crux of it is avoiding what I used to do.

I’d grab any old quote that sounded neat, add it to a list, then pump them out on Twitter at regular intervals.

They’d attract likes and retweets from folk who like and retweet that sort of stuff. Mostly bots, to be honest.

It was an empty, shallow experience.

And it was a public one. Folk of substance must have seen my account and steered clear of it. It’s tacky and lame to take the wisdom of others, package it up and farm it out to strangers.

People of substance create value, not echo random snippets of it.

So I took a better approach, here it is in a nutshell:

All motivational quotes must lead to action.

If your quote farming doesn’t change what you do, you wasted your time.

Don’t put it on social media.

Don’t stick it to your fridge or mirror.

Use it to create a plan.

Take a phrase I adore: “be the change you want to see in the world”. A lifetime’s wisdom right there. If you like that quote, don’t just read it. Ask yourself how you can create a life that aligns with it.

Nothing else matters. Action is king, everything else is indulgence.

So that’s one way to enhance your life.

But if self-improvement really interests you, what would you do with more techniques than you can use?

Like, say, 60 of them?

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