Humans will always tolerate evil

Imagine this, if you can stomach it:

It’s 1940 and you’re high up in the British government. Maybe you’re even Churchill – congratulations, I guess?

The Nazis have invaded your allies. Dunkirk is (rightly) hailed as a victory, but only in the sense that you evacuated more folks than expected. That’s not to be sneezed at! Those people are valuable war assets… also, they’re people. Forget a ‘victory’ – it was practically a miracle.

Still, the German military masses on the north of France. Those evacuees won’t have anywhere else to go after this.

Thanks to your skilled intelligence network, you know Hitler plans to invade. You also know what his post-invasion plans are:

‘Liquidation centres’ in major population centres, to handle intellectuals and a certain ethnic minority.

Non-liquidated men of military age will be sent to Europe as slaves.

Non-liquidated women will be sent there as well. They’ll either be slaves or, if they’re of ‘suitable’ stock, they’ll be used to preserve the blood purity of the German race.

“Okay, sheesh, enough already, William! Nazis were evil – big revelation. I know all this already!”

Sure, you do.

But back then, it was a weirdly controversial issue.

Roosevelt wanted to support the UK as much as he could. He faced opposition in the US, though. Some of that came from German fifth columnists, but many came from American business leaders, seduced by promises of lucrative deals with a country that spans all of Europe.

“Don’t fight the Nazis” is a ridiculous stance in the 21st Century, but many folks  in 1940 want a neutral America.

America might not have the resources to save you. Even if she does, she might not have the political will.

Within the UK, you face opposition. There’s a lingering Chamberlain-style hope for peace and appeasement, even as Hitler demands surrender.

Folks accuse Churchill of being a warmonger for not giving in to the Nazis – for prolonging the conflict.

Many others don’t want the Nazis to win, but they see it as inevitable. Why fight, they say? It’s only going to cause more damage and suffering. Hope is lost so let’s give up.

Even some influential voices in France – not Vichy France, France – want the Nazis to occupy the British Isles, so that they’re all in it together.

I don’t know what to say to that. “Gee, that must have sucked” seems a tad flippant.

The lesson:

There is no evil so pure that people won’t support it.

The mystery isn’t why the typical German citizen supported the Nazi government.

The mystery is why some – a minority, sure, but not a small one – of the British citizens wanted the invasion to happen and be done with it.

“Sure, the Nazis might suck, but it beats living with uncertainty…”

This is why apocalyptic prophecies are so popular. Uncertainty is so uncomfortable that, for some folks, certain annihilation is sort of reassuring.

When I tell people to do better, be stronger or show more character, this is why. This weakness is understandable, even relatable, but it puts entire civilizations at risk.

Want to know how to liberate others from this evil?

Be their example to follow.

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