Be a hunter-gatherer without hunting or gathering

If you want to sharpen your brain (spoiler alert, you do) then you can forget all those fancy brain training apps.

They’re fun games and, in a way, all games are good for your brain.

But there’s ‘good’ for your brain… and actually training your brain to perform better.

So says Dr Michael Merzenich, expert on brain health and neuroplasticity.

His advice is gonna sound awfully similar to mine:

If you want greater clarity, memory, focus and creativity – now and as you age – engage your brain in ways it’s meant to be engaged.

There are no ‘brain training games’ in nature.

But there’s plenty of other engaging things, like:

  • Spending quality time with people,
  • Exercising,
  • Solving (non-electronic) puzzles, like crosswords
  • And going for a walk.

It’s a shame the lockdowns banned most of those, huh?

But that’s okay – I’m sure you can figure out how to squeeze these into your day.

Especially that last one.

But when I say “go for a walk”, I don’t mean taking a stroll around the park. Sure, that’ll do you a lot of good. The fresh air, the sunshine, the exercise, the change of scenery and seeing other folks will do wonders for your health.

There’s a way of walking that’s much, much better for your brain than that. It trains your brain the way those cutesy apps claim to, only this actually works.

It’s easy to do – so easy, you sometime do it by accident.

I describe what it takes on pages 17-18 of Phronesis Accelerator:

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