Think hypnosis is the devil’s work? Take it up with the pope

Think hypnosis is the devil’s work? Take it up with the pope

There are folk out there who call hypnosis the devil’s work. The logic behind it – assuming logic comes into play, that is – is anything that removes free will is evil. The ability to choose is a gift from God, so it’s wrong to deny that to anyone.

A sound argument. There are only a few major problems with it. Problems so severe Pope Pius XII endorsed hypnosis over 60 years ago.

And you know the Catholic Church – they tend not to endorse stuff without thinking it through.

The problems with the “devil’s work” argument are:

Firstly, so many things rob you of your free will that they can’t all be evil. Do you have free will when you sleep?

(I shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of my dreams – at least, I seriously hope not.)

And let’s not forget those studies showing how authority figures make our brains switch off. The Milgrim experiment shows all it takes is a lab coat and a stern glance to make most people abandon their ethics.

You know what? I doubt a pope will condemn the concept of authority…

That’s the first problem – free will, if it exists, is a delicate bird.

Secondly, much larger problem is hypnosis enhances your free will.

Forget those movies with people in zombie-like states, slaves to their master. In a trance, you are better able to resolve your internal conflicts. You’re more in tune with your morality, not following some emotional scarring.

Thirdly, hypnosis is medicinal. Plenty of drugs “suppress free will” – think strong anaesthetics – but they do so for a purpose. No tool is evil – it all comes down to how you use it.

There you have it, folks. A papal decree says hypnosis is awesome.

Use it to your immortal soul’s content by grabbing some here:

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