Proof that hypnosis doesn’t require your belief

An argument I hear over and over again:

“Hypnosis only works if you believe it works!”

It’s not true. If you actively resist hypnosis, sure, it can make it harder to enter a trance. But even that doesn’t make it impossible.

But I promised proof, so here it is.

Imagine a parallel universe where humans somehow evolved, but there’s no gravity. We float around, swimming through nebula out in space.

Now, let’s add two things to this picture.

An earth-like planet. (What’s holding it together? I dunno, magic. It doesn’t matter.)

And gravity that only works if you believe in it.

These humans spend their lives, then generations, flying around this curious planet, never being affected by its gravity. They’ve never seen gravity. There’s no reason to think it exists.

A billion years pass and no one ever feels the tiniest tug. Why would they ever think they were supposed to – that that was even possible?

Now, let me be generous in the hypothetical. Let’s say peyote exists. On a vision quest, one of the humans has an awakening and they see the truth of the universe. They realise gravity exists… and go tumbling down to the planet.

Other folk see the Tumbler. “What are you doing?” they ask. “Float up here and join us.”

“I can’t,” the Tumbler says, “some invisible force is pulling on me. It will pull on you too!”

“Um,” says the Tumbler’s friends, “then how come it… you know, isn’t?”

“You have to believe in it to pull you down,” says the Tumbler.

“Yeah, no. It’s much more likely that you’re crazy or there’s something wrong with you.”

The Tumbler’s friends think he’s a curiosity. Eventually he grows old and dies, history forgets about him and, a billion years later, no one is affected by gravity.

Let me some up that analogy with a simple question:

If you have to believe in hypnosis for it to work, then where on earth did it come from?

We humans believe plenty of things that don’t exist. But how lucky would we have to be to stumble blindly onto something that only exists when we believe in it?

Anyway, enough monkey business.

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