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I’ve posted an article on how to avoid reddit ridiculous a few times on my site.


Because I like to reuse some of my articles – especially the timeless ones.

This week, the r/hypnosis subreddit imploded into drama, again. One of the mods abused their power, again.

Some people did the smart thing and left, either publicly or quietly.

They’re missing out on a new post, with someone asking if hypnosis can activate psychic abilities. When someone replied with no, because there’s no evidence psychic abilities are real, the original poster’s response to that started with ‘lol’.

Yyyep, missing out.

Here’s the entire subreddit in a nutshell, emphasis on ‘nut’.

1) A bunch of folks asking basic questions, like “can hypnosis help with my fear of public speaking”. I don’t mean to make fun of them – if you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s smarter to ask than to not. But it’s smarter to ask professionals than reddit.

2) Endless parades of erotic-themed posts, even though that has its own subreddit.

3) Folks asking “I want to buy such-and-such a program, is it any good?” Good questions – some programs, including/especially mine, are expensive so it makes sense to ask. I’ve checked out a few of these talking about products I’ve bought, only to see moderators (let alone random posters) lie and rant about the products. When I say ‘lie’, I mean they fabricate complete nonsense about what the program contains, the business model of the company selling it and the personal lives of the authors.

4) “What is trance?”

5) “Is hypnosis actually real or are you all faking it?”

6) Unhinged mysticism that is futile to question.

7) Strangely bitter flamewars from folks who claim to be practically enlightened.

8) Concerning posts from sociopaths and misanthropes, asking or bragging about turning people into puppets.

If you already know the basics of hypnosis, maybe one post in 30 is worth reading.

If you don’t, you’ll learn a lot about what hypnosis is and how it works. Some of it will even be true. Good luck figuring out which bits though.


When you find yourself wondering “does hypnosis work with…?”

Well, I have a page on my site with that exact title.

It’s shorter than most back-and-forths on reddit because it’s all research-backed information, not squabbling over subjective experiences, definitions and bull manure.

I don’t just say what hypnosis works with – I also explain how. And I always leave you with your next steps on how to learn more.

Even how to experience it for yourself – usually at no cost.

Read it, learn from it and skip the drama. And if something isn’t covered, feel free to ask me.

Anyway, here’s the link:


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