Hypnosis scripts have no value. None.

I see it all the time:

Folks asking for a hypnosis script for X and a hypnosis script for Y.

They even ask for advice on how to write scripts, for whatever reason.

It’s easy to spot the beginners – even a moderately skilled hypnotist wouldn’t obsess on these so much.

I often say that hypnosis and conversations have a lot in common. In fact, it can be hard – almost impossible – to tell them apart. Sure, some things are ‘definitely hypnosis’, but you can’t point to any conversation and say it definitely isn’t hypnosis.

So consider someone asking this:

“Hey, I have a date coming up and I want it to go well. Anyone have a script I can use??”


That person isn’t getting a second date, no matter how good their script.

No script could help them. In fact, giving them onewould hurt them. They have better odds of success if they have a natural conversation.

Now, a person can learn to be a better conversationalist. They don’t get there by reading scripts though. They get there by learning some principles and practicing.

It’s the same with hypnosis. Using a script is sloppy at best.

Throw them out.

I used to say that hypnosis scripts had some value as educational tools. You can take one, study it and reverse engineer some clever techniques.

I was wrong.

That was far, far too generous to those scraps of paper.

Want to learn from a great hypnotist? Take one of their courses. If that’s too impractical, study videos of them hypnotising people.

Hypnosis is so much more than the written word. I’ve been hypnotised in a language I didn’t speak. I’ve hypnotised people without speaking at all.

If you want a script of the latter, go stare at a blank piece of paper.

Conversely, you can take a transcript of Milton Erickson at his best and try to read it to someone. If you don’t understand the principles, you won’t be hypnotic – you’ll just be weird.

There are no shortcuts.

You get good by doing, get better by observing and advance the craft by studying. At no point will a script – a substitute for you thinking – help you.

Isolate the words and they lose their juice.

Want to learn hypnosis?

One of the best things you can do – maybe even the best – is be hypnotised.

Consciously, you might notice something the hypnotist does. Not what they say – what they do, because hypnosis is far more than the words someone says.

But the real benefits are unconscious.

The more you go into trances, the better you can guide others.

In fact, an amateur who’s hypnotised deeply enough becomes naturally hypnotic. Seeing someone enter a trance is, itself, trancy.

You’ll be a better hypnotist if you’re hypnotised more often.

Start by signing up for a Neural Reset or three:


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