What hypnotic conversations look like

People are intrigued enough by old fashioned hypnosis. Tell them you’re a conversational hypnotist and they get even more curious.

What is conversational hypnosis?

How does that work?

I couldn’t possibly summarise the entire field here, so I’ll simply offer an example – one I’ve mentioned a few times before:

It’s like those times when you have an amazing conversation – so amazing that hours fly by like minutes.

And at the end, you struggle to remember what you even talked about.

This happens to most of us every now and then. These are the best conversations – they leave you glowing and restored, not drained like what some folk do to you.

Time distortion and amnesia – two classic hypnotic phenomena.

The real difference between a hypnotist and a layperson isn’t the ability to hypnotise someone. We hypnotise each other all the time.

(You’d be surprised how many techniques I pick up from folk catching up over coffee.)

What separates hypnotists from everyone else is we use hypnosis deliberately and with a purpose.

With everyone else, it’s accidental and the moment passes.

It’s the same with conversational hypnosis – doing what most folk do, only on purpose.

This is good news. It means you already know most of what you need to.

But I wouldn’t underestimate the value here.

If you have the occasional amazing conversation and a whole pile of boring ones…

Sure, you know what to do already.

You also know what not to do.

And you probably can’t tell the difference. If you could, you would.

That’s okay – no one ever gave you a manual on how to talk to other people.

At least, not until now…

Here’s how to finally learn it:


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