The hypnotic headline from science and the news

You might have seen the headline from a week or so ago.

(That’s what I get for writing my articles a week in advance…)

It was a beautiful question in the psychology of addiction – and it was hypnotic like nothing else:

“Do you always enjoy the things you want?”

Oh, that’s nice.

It immediately reminded me of a bad habit of mine from ten years ago, long since kicked. To get through the week, I’d have two chocolate bars during the workday each Wednesday.

I probably would have had more on other days, but it was all I could stomach.

And while I needed it… I also hated it. They didn’t taste nice – chocolate is great, don’t get me wrong, but these were low quality, hypersweet monstrosities. I never stooped to that waxy dollar-store nonsense, but this stuff wasn’t great either.

Apart from the taste, I didn’t like how it made me feel.

“Do you always enjoy the things you want?”

If I’d heard that back then, I would have kicked that bad habit sooner.

Some of you, when you read that question for the first time – whether that’s now or earlier – would have shrugged. You might answer the question or ignore it, then move on.

For some of you, though?

That question was so hypnotic, it caused something to shift. Like it was strangely profound – challenging and enjoyable to hear, maybe.

Few things, if any, are hypnotic to everyone because that’s not how hypnosis works. Everything is unique to you. That’s why real hypnotists don’t use scripts. They might have a process, but they’ll adapt it to you.

It’s also why self-hypnosis is gold.

Nothing is more personal than you hypnotising yourself.

Whether that question sent shivers down your spine or it was just a bunch of words, you can find what works for you, hypnotically.

“But isn’t self-hypnosis difficult to learn?”

It can be, though it doesn’t have to be.

Sure, it’ll take time to build up the fundamentals. And that’s okay, since every change will cause evolution, enhancement and exploration throughout your mind.

It’ll strengthen the foundations of so many parts of your cognition, you literally won’t be able to track all the changes.

You’ll notice enough, though, and you can let that keep you motivated.

Begin learning self-hypnosis, and a few supporting disciplines, with Monster Mind Edukaré:

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