Hypnotic leadership

Here’s a strange insight from the world of hypnosis:

Some of the most effective hypnotists don’t even realise that’s what they’re doing.

They put people into trances, give suggestions and change them from the inside out.

But ask them what their process is?

They’d insist it’s not hypnosis. They’re just talking with people, that’s all. They’ve never even studied hypnosis!

One of my many hats is I’m a master coach and hypnotherapist, so I have special insight into things like this. And one of the things I know is not only can you accidentally hypnotise someone, you do it all the time.

That’s a pretty damning judgement of the field, isn’t it? If some of the best insist they’re not even doing it, what does that say about those who – like me – spent years and tens of thousands of dollars learning it?

It’s quite simple, really.

The most important thing in hypnosis is having a sense of rapport. When you feel a deep connection with someone, you go into a trance. That’s how you can have those amazing conversations where you swear ten minutes have gone by… but the clock reads an hour later.

Hypnotic techniques are all about building that rapport, enhancing it, using it and sustaining it.

That might not match your idea of hypnosis, especially if you base it on what you see in movies.

(That’s how you know it’s true.)

What does all this have to do with hypnotic leadership?


When your people trust you, they enter a trance when you talk to them. Probably not a dramatic one – it’s not like they’ll have their eyes closed and their tongue lolling out. It’ll be subtle… and real enough to influence them.

They don’t have to like you all that much.

They might not even respect you – although it helps if they do.

But the more they trust you, the more easily they go into a trance.

For some of you, this is controversial. You might even be angry at me for saying this.

Either way, consider this:

If you want people to follow your lead, make sure you lead them well. When people doubt you, your vision, your skills or your integrity, it becomes hard to influence them.

When they trust you, though?

Suddenly they become eager for you to lead them.

For both hypnotists and leaders, trust is essential. Without it, you can’t do anything. With it, you can do everything.

That’s why I put together guides, templates, resources and a course on how to build trust in the workplace.

By your next coffee break, you can know everything you need to in order to better influence your people.

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