Hypnotic Mind over Matter

Hypnotic Mind over Matter

Pain. It would be a funny thing if it weren’t… well, painful. It’s your body’s response to harm and danger, and it’s so much more. You know that when you feel it, it’s more than just a voice whispering warnings in your ear. It wears you down, distracts you from life and leaves you floating in misery.

Want to know what’s great at dealing with pain?


Because what I said above isn’t completely true. There’s pain and then there’s your reaction to it. How you perceive the physical sensation changes what it does to you.

You can think of people who push through their discomforts. They feel what everyone else feels but they make different choices. A new perspective transforms the inner experience.

Your body naturally produces endorphins – a class of chemicals that show up when you need them. They block and resolve discomfort, redirecting your attention to where it needs to go.

Endorphins keep you from feeling pain but they don’t numb you. You focus on what you should. The biological imperative for this is probably to take action in the face of discomfort. If whatever hurt you is still around, you need to do something about it. You can think about it later.

The good news is that you can choose to activate this neurochemistry. Certain activities induce a wave of endorphins. Like running. Like love. Anything that gives you a warm, glowing sensation inside.

Like hypnosis.

There’s a property of the mind where if you focus on a sensation, it tends to grow. This is not a concrete rule and there are ways to reduce a sensation by paying attention to it. Most of the time, though, this holds true.

Hypnosis reshapes your attention. It’s not enough to say to someone ‘stop thinking about it’. Partly because, well, how can they? The sensation is there. It’s also a little like telling someone to not think about a pink elephant. You need a tool that works beyond your conscious experience to move attention away from something.

This is what you would do naturally – at least, most of the time. There will be a time in the future where maybe you experience a sensation and push through it. Like a tennis player with a tender calf muscle, they continue to play by focusing on the ball, the game, the victory.

Hypnosis embeds this experience permanently in your mind, so that even in the quiet moments, your attention is exactly where it needs to be.

You have a choice right now. You can try to move your attention around consciously. Give it a go and you’ll probably succeed, and not.

Or you can use your brain’s best mechanism for focusing on what matters and only what matters. Reshape your internal experience exactly the way you want to.

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