Hypnotic regression by going outside

Hypnotic regression by going outside

Well, the weather has truly shifted now. In the southern parts of the globe, winter is in full force. Up north, summer has arrived. Near the equator… well, it just does its thing.

And this is the perfect time to get some free hypnotic regressions.

If you’re keen to return to a younger state of mind – more free and innocent, less jaded and tired – then this is your chance. Let the changed season trigger old memories by dredging up ancient associations.

You can supercharge it too. Using smells or music from that time of year will take you there even stronger.

You’ll feel the shift in your mind, as if an old set of emotions is resurfacing.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to do that, I could tell you. But all I’ll say is, if you choose the right associations, it feels good. Really good.

If you’re wondering how – apart from the obvious stuff I mentioned above which you probably already know – well, that’s fair enough.

Here’s the much more hypnotic process:

First you enter a trance.

Then you choose a memory from the time you want to regress back to. Wait, maybe this should be step one. Ah well, it works either way.

Then you treat this memory like a mental landscape and enter it.

Not sure how to do all of that?

Or any of that?

Not a worry, as you can learn all about it here. I’d say this ‘mental landscape’ technique is the most valuable thing in the book, but only if I ignore everything else in it – just like everything else in the book – so head to this page to grab a copy now:


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