The hypnotic teaching paradox

Saw this on a hypnosis discussion forum:

“I have my first client coming round later this morning and wanted to ask a quick hypnotherapy question. How do you hypnosis someone? What’s the best way to learn in the next 2 hours? Would it help if I tapped them (or myself) repeatedly? Do I need incense sticks?”


I have many answers I can give to this.

Some, snarky and sarcastic.

Others, alarmed and confused.

Really, I feel bad for the client. Even if that session is free, they’re overpaying for it.

But here’s the paradox:

I could teach you to hypnotise someone in two hours. Not to do hypnotherapy on someone – that’s not a good idea. But to, say, teach you a quick street hypnosis routine? I could do that in two hours with time to spare.

Unless you’re the sort of person who thinks that’s a reasonable thing to expect.

Thus, the paradox – I could teach anyone in this timeframe, unless they want it.

If someone wanted to spend a week, full-time, learning this stuff, I could teach them in two hours, then spend the rest of the time practising, elaborating, refining and enriching the skills.

And if you think that means that week would be 95% fluff, then you don’t understand mastery.

Anyway, it’s the same with self-hypnosis and meditation.

Want to learn it?

I could teach you a gimmick in a few hours that won’t be adaptable, scalable or flexible. It’ll be a black box that you do to get results. If it doesn’t work for something, you’re out of luck.


I could offer up 19 modules, each exploring a new aspect of self-hypnosis. Each module you complete deepens your understanding, allowing you to tailor the techniques to your situation.

By halfway through, I doubt you’ll even use my techniques – you’ll take each new principle and tweak it to how you need it.

If you’re not afraid of putting the work in, you can unleash the power of your mind here:

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