How to Hypnotically Disconnect People from Themselves

How to Hypnotically Disconnect People from Themselves

A deep hypnotic trance is a strange (and pleasant) experience. There’s often a sense that something different happens. It’s as if your body is over there and your mind is over here. You don’t need to reach this disconnected state for hypnosis to help you but, if you do, it means that your mind is open and ready for new ideas.

This describes an entire class of mystical sensations. The ancients called it for how it felt – out-of-body experiences, entering the spirit realm, communing with gods. Whether or not these things actually happened, the feeling behind them is real enough.

How do you create this dissociation within hypnotic subjects?

Let’s talk about the parietal lobe.

The architecture of the brain is fascinating. The way we experience consciousness is that sensory information pours into our minds and then we think about it. What we can’t see are all the little steps in between.

You don’t see the world as if you were staring out a window at it. You see it as if you were in a concrete bunker, cut off from everything except for the occasional clue delivered in Morse code. Every now and then, your scribble a picture of what you think is happening.

That scribble is how you see reality. The human body isn’t built for observing the universe. We can only sense a small sliver of information and most of what we can sense, we ignore. Our brains evolved for survival, not accuracy, so whatever representation keeps you alive is good enough.

The parietal lobe plays a key role in this. It processes sensory information, especially touch. It also maps out your body in space. If you were to close your eyes, you know where your limbs are. You could reach out and touch something even without seeing it, based on where you remember it being.

Actually, touching something even while seeing it is an impressive feat. You can only do that because some part of your brain integrates touch and vision information. A brain without this ability would see a different world than it hears.

And the fascinating thing? Hypnosis temporarily disrupts this. The parietal lobe still works, thankfully, but it’s less able to communicate with the frontal lobe while in a trance.

So the part of you that monitors your body stops talking to the part that creates your sense of self.

A simple hypnotic trance can recreate an experience that has puzzled and captivated mystics for millennia. If you want to feel free in an entirely new way, then hypnosis offers just that. Freedom from your sense of your physical self. Experience hypnosis because this disconnection is strange, pleasant and incredibly useful.

You can never free yourself too soon. When life doesn’t stop, you can’t waste a moment living the same old way. Expand your mind and the rest of your life will expand with it. Head over to Awakened Thought, because subscribers improve each month in different ways:

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