Hypnotised into Clueless-ness

Have you heard the latest goss about former Clueless star, Stacey Dash? Apparently her latest husband is claiming he was hypnotised into marrying her.

Huh. I thought the juvenile fantasy involved hypnotising celebrities into marrying you, not the other way around…

I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers out there saying it’s “impossible!” because you can “only be hypnotised to do something you want to!”.

This story isn’t impossible.

It’s just incredible, in the original sense of the word.

There aren’t a lot of details flying around. What few there are point to good ol’-fashioned psychological pressure… assuming they’re even true.

But who knows.

And, honestly, who cares?

There’s only one way this is relevant: could this happen to you?

I won’t pander to you and say it won’t. Hypnotising someone into marriage is an extreme outcome… but hypnotising someone into making a sale? Or voting a certain way?

It happens all the time.

Yes, even to you. I’m sure you’re ‘too strong minded’ for it to work on you… just like how you’re ‘too successful’ to be fired, ‘too healthy’ to get sick and ‘too sexy’ to need to put an effort into your relationships.


NLP is popular among a certain crowd. Influential figures use hypnotic language patterns more than you might think. And I’ve had plenty of people try to hypnotise me in person and to my detriment.

Sometimes it even worked.

You are constantly under psychological attack. The more you think you’re fine, the more vulnerable you are.

Luckily I know how to block, minimise and reverse unwanted hypnotic influence.

The best way to stop martial artists is to learn martial arts – and so it is with hypnosis. If you want to protect your most valuable asset from harmful influence, it pays to learn how that influence works.

That way you can spot it when it happens.

And simply undo any suggestions that take root.

This Clueless story is probably well-named… but don’t let them trick you into thinking you’re safe. Unless you know the hypnotic arts, you don’t know where your mind is vulnerable.

The good news is most folks who abuse covert influence seem to get more miserable every year. They tend to get their comeuppance eventually.

The bad news is that won’t stop them from dragging you down with them.

Only knowing how to fortify your mind gives you a better chance of fending them off.

And you can learn all the tricks of the mind, from meditation to beyond what self-hypnosis can do, with Monster Mind Edukaré.

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. The early instructions are so simple, even a child could do them.

And even those early lessons will help strengthen your mind and reinforce what you really want.

By the end?

You’ll be able to do stuff even the monk from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was afraid of.

You can begin immediately right here:


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