Hypnotising Clients with your Marketing Message

Hypnotising Clients with your Marketing Message

I remember when I first learned digital marketing and copywriting. When I began, I was so excited. With my hypnosis skills, surely that would give me an advantage in this field. Even without being overtly hypnotic, I would understand how to captivate people better than some mere marketer.


I have to say that good copywriting oozes hypnosis. They don’t usually call it that. Many of them would hotly deny using hypnotic principles if you asked them. But marketing and hypnosis are both forms of applied psychology. The advantage marketers have is that income correlates with skill. In other words, if you want to be rich, you have to be good.

All marketers should study hypnosis, and vice versa. The principles support each other very well.

That can be a project for later, though. The good news with this is that, as a hypnotist, you already know enough about marketing. You can win clients and secure your business without learning new skills (though you will need to apply those skills in new ways).

There’s no better place to start than your website’s homepage. Your homepage is your one chance to impress people. Most people will spend a few seconds or less glancing at your page. You want to make it obvious – painfully, undeniably obvious – that you are right for them.

The main thing is to state the benefits in a unique way. Potential clients are looking at your page because they have a problem. If you can solve it, it’s your ethical obligation to convince them of this. And you want to stand out from everyone else they’re flicking through. What makes you special? What makes you better than everyone else?

Let’s say that your homepage says this. Then what?

Well, there’s nothing that says you can’t keep it short.

But if you want to really hook clients in…

Well, treat their reluctance as like any other problem you’d solve and apply your hypnotism to it. I don’t know if you know the PCAT terminology, but you do know the process. It’s a formula for identifying and resolving issues.

P stands for Parameters. State the problem in clear, evocative terms. Or describe the benefits your clients enjoy. Make your clients leap from their chairs, saying “yes! That’s me!”

C is Critical Factor Bypass. Tell a (relevant) story or ask the reader to imagine their better life.

A is for Access Resources. Make them feel good. Convince them that they can change. Activate their hope and determination.

T stands for Transform/Test. Give a clear and easy call-to-action. The right client is fired up at this point, so let them act on it now.

In studying marketing, I’ve seen dozens of formulas for putting together a sales message. I’ve never seen the PCAT formula as such, but other formulas follow the same lines. The principles of hypnosis and marketing are really the principles of psychology. It’s little wonder that they align so well.

As with hypnosis, a marketing trance is fragile. The wrong word or phrase can derail everything. The PCAT formula gives you enough guidance to put together a solid sales message. If you want a stellar one, then hire a professional who understands your business:


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