Hypnotists invent nothing, steal everything

This is a question of terminology. If you want to fight me on this because your definition is ‘better’, fine by me.

I’ll just call it like I see it.

We hypnotists didn’t invent any of our tools, tactics and techniques.

Not any induction… or even the idea of inductions.

Not any of the techniques we use to help people overcome what holds them back.

And no, not even any of your favourite stage hypnosis gimmicks.

Either we learned those from other hypnotists or we stole it from life itself.


A great hypnotic party trick is to temporarily make some forget the number five. Then you make them forget they forgot.

Then you ask them to count how many fingers they have.

“One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… eleven…?”

They’re confused – they know they have ten fingers. So they count again – same result.

For extra fun, ask them how many fingers they have on their left hand. They count six, and same again on their right. Doesn’t that means they have twelve fingers now?

Hypnotists didn’t invent that.

These little moments of amnesia and confusion are perfectly natural. They only become a problem when it happens a lot. But, honestly, this sort of thing happens most days. You can think a silly little thought and then immediately forget it.

It’s the same with everything else in hypnosis.

Everything from slumping in a chair, being unable to move…

To suddenly adopting a new persona (aka clucking like a chicken)…

To, in a moment, transform from being a smoker to a non-smoker.

All these things, and more, happen naturally and spontaneously.

Yes, even to you.

These might sound like the actions of a crazy person. Like forgetting little things, it’s a question of degree. If you’ve ever surprised yourself (for better or worse) by doing or saying something out of character, you’ve done what people who cluck like chickens do.

If you do it all the time, to the point where it interferes with your life, that’s when people slap labels like ‘crazy’ on it.

Hypnotists see these strange behaviours – these unusual manifestations of your unconscious – and ask themselves:

“Can I do that on purpose?”

You are in and out of trances every day. Sometimes it’s obvious, like zoning out or having hours fly by. Usually, it’s more subtle, like not being aware that your hand plays with your pen.

All these normal behaviours have strange, powerful and surprising unconscious forces behind them.

We hypnotists see those and wonder how we can use them, distil them to their essence and enhance them.

Have you ever gone from feeling tense to completely relaxed, all at a moment?

Maybe you stepped out of your office and into your home. Or you curled up in bed, ready to rest after a long day.

Want to know what the enhanced version of that is?

And how to feel that at any time, even as you focus?

It sounds like you could enjoy a Neural Reset:


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