I don’t know whether this will help you sleep

I don’t know whether this will help you sleep

Sleep is a weird thing. No one knows why we do it. We barely have any idea how it happens. There are a few clues on how to do it better, but anyone who figured it all out would make billions.

Some people think we sleep to stop us from going out in the dark, where we might fall down a hole or step on a snake. These people, with respect, need to think about how evolution works. You can achieve a better result by instilling a fear of the dark, which we already have.

Others think we sleep to give our organs a rest. This would make sense, if only our organs didn’t work harder at night.

There are those who think it’s to do with the spine getting nutrients. That’s probably a factor, but you don’t need to be unconscious to do that.

Is it to do with flushing toxins from the brain, consolidating memories, giving your muscles a chance to repair themselves?

Probably yes to all of the above, and a thousand other things.

That’s why I have no idea whether this exercise helps with insomnia. I find it useful and maybe you will too. If I knew for certain, I’d be raking in the big bucks by selling this.

It doesn’t involve drugs, physical exercise or anything more complex than daydreaming.

(Well, maybe it’s a little more complex…)

One thing we do when we sleep is dream. Not all of us remember our dreams, but we all do it. So if we all do it, it must be important.

So if I’m lying awake, unable to sleep…

I practice dreaming.

You know what dreams are like. They are strange, vivid and surreal hallucinations. They suck you in with their strange logic that makes sense at the time. Scenes blend together and everything is symbolic of something else.

Some part of that must be good for us – an essential part of the sleeping process.

So I give it a go while fully conscious.

It’s kind of like daydreaming, except it’s not. It goes much deeper than that.

And I find it only works when I’m in a hypnotic trance.

Because, yes, it works for me. Entering the dream state is not foolproof at clearing cobwebs and helping me feel rested, but it’s better than anything else I’ve tried.

Way better than coffee, that’s for sure.

The only wrinkle is you have to know how to hypnotise yourself.

And if you’re trying to do it while in bed, you probably don’t want a fancy self-hypnosis induction.

No hypnotic guided meditations, no incense, no strange hand movements.

Self-hypnosis with nothing but a few thoughts.

Luckily you can learn a few inductions like that, and a ton more content, here:


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