I know I don’t need to explain this to you

Here’s a concept I’m sure you already grok:

Facebook isn’t free.

People say it is, but they’re wrong. They think that just because you can create an account without whipping out your credit card, that means it’s not costing you anything.

As they say – if it’s a free service, then you’re the product.

If you’re the product, then you pay on other ways. No business owner wants a product that’s unreliable and out of their control. That’s why they build addiction into it, from the algorithm favouring stuff that pisses you off to the weird enthusiasm it has for showing you the same posts over and over.

Plus dozens of other tweaks to the interface, designed to make it less usable and more addictive.

They want you on there, giving as much of your time and attention as they can get from you. That’s no conspiracy theory – they openly admit that.

This makes social media expensive.

Which makes a paid social media platform – free of the privacy violations, restrictions, hideous interfaces, random and ever-changing excuses to ban you (shadow- or otherwise) and user-hostile business practices – a really good deal.

I’ve always said that if someone made a version of Facebook that wasn’t horse manure, I’d sign up like *that*.

Enter SocialLair.io.

By paying for an account with money, you’re not paying for it in other ways. That means you get to control your data and your experience. Seriously, the usability features built in are what Facebook Groups would have if Zucky and Co cared about your experience.

I’ve only dabbled in Social Lair and already I’m blown away. You’ll love it too.

But, I get it. Paying for a social media account is a new experience.

Let me ease the transition a little:

If you sign up for an account and join my Lair, I’ll send you a link for a video sometime next week. This video will use a lot of hypnotic juujuu and other fun psychology to break the shackle of Big Data on your psyche.

If you’re sick of how much time and energy social media saps from you, you’ll want to see this.

But that’ll come next week.

Rather than leaving you to wait for your reward, I want to give you something now.

And to show I’m serious, I pull not a punch here:

Monster Mind Edukaré is… well, it’s a monster. It bulges at the seams with 19 modules, each teaching you the finest arts of self-hypnosis, meditation and mental transformation.

If you want to take charge of your life, this is how.

You can go from not knowing how to meditate to being able to change habits, learn from the dead and even install new personalities.

It’s insane, intensive and darn awesome.

It’s also expensive – at US$361, it’s almost what Social Lair will cost you in a year.

I’ve uploaded a discount code, though – one that knocks off a reasonable 100% percent.

That’s no typo – I mean one hundred percent.

If you do the maths, that makes it quite affordable indeed – especially compared to the price of Social Lair.

The discount only works for the first 15 uses, though, so don’t dawdle.

If you want to join my lair, send me an email to hello at guided-thought.com. I’ll add you soon and see you in there.

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