“I fell asleep”

That’s a comment I got on one of my hypnotic YouTube videos.

That’s good, since it was all about relaxation. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than nodding off – although a deep trance sure feels that nice.

But what if the video wasn’t all about relaxing?

What if you fell asleep while being hypnotised for anything else? Say, to quit smoking, feel more confident or pursue more opportunities?

Does it still work even if you fall asleep?

That’s hard to say.

Generally, yeah, it does.

That’s not an invitation to listen to those “reprogram your brain while you sleep” audios. Some of those work, some of those don’t. And some of them work for some folks but not others.

My take on it? If you’re asleep for eight hours, you’re not really listening. Once you go deep into REM, your unconscious deletes most of the outside world. It still absorbs some sounds – that’s how you know to respond to your alarm – but you don’t control which parts.

So maybe it works anyway, I don’t know.

But I do know that when you drift off for a few moments – yeah, you absolutely keep hearing what’s going on.

I’ve tested this by having conversations with someone’s body, even while their mind was asleep.

It’s interesting stuff.

Is it all that relevant, though?

Only if you plan on falling asleep during our session.

Either way, you’ll get the results you want:


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