If something needs to give, then give this

“You can change!”

How useful is it when folks tell you something like that?

Sometimes, something needs to give. When that happens, you don’t need a cliché. Wouldn’t it be better if you could learn:

  • What to do when your life is ‘okay’, yet still boring, frustrating and unsatisfying,
  • A 10-step process for making the best decision you can, no matter how complex the situation… with no regrets or second-guessing later,
  • The real definitions of change and how to finally embrace it,
  • 9 hypnotic tools that dismantle your resistance to change,
  • Ways to crush self-doubt and anxiety with only a thought,
  • A simple way to use meditation to move forwards in life – even if you ‘can’t meditate’,
  • Training techniques for cultivating what pioneering psychologist William James described as genius – and what makes Batman so formidable,
  • How to create a neurological state where you automatically seek out your truth,
  • A way to use sleep to hypnotically reprogram yourself, without losing a minute of it,
  • What one well-known author struggles with the most with writing – and five ways to overcome it,
  • What how your senses work teaches you about the real source of your inner wisdom,
  • Lessons from the history of science on how to master any field.

The Triple Crossroads is your guide to changing your circumstances, your thoughts and your life.

Whether you want to overcome some setback or chase something that makes you excited to wake up in the morning, you’ll want to learn more here:


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