If you want a surreal Saturday…

I’m not sure when Trance Day 2021 begins for you.

I know when it begins for me, which is lucky. But your time zone and my time zone might not be the same…

It could be Friday afternoon, Saturday morning or anywhere in between.

I do know this, though:

After Trance Day, you’ll probably enjoy what comes next. The vast majority of you will have calmer thoughts, greater focus, a nice feeling of bliss and the pleasant sensation of seeing the world with fresh eyes.

It can get surreal when you look at, say, a familiar tree or an old building, and become struck by how beautiful it is.

Enjoying a lot of hypnosis has certain ineffable benefits.

Plus a lot of tangible ones. If you show up to at least a few of the Trance Day sessions, you’ll likely have a wonderful night’s sleep after. It might be longer or deeper than usual, or it might be less but somehow even more restful than usual.

That, alone, makes this experience worth it.

Everything before that is like one, long, contented sigh…

But you know what the weird thing about Friday/Saturday is?

It’s closer to being here than it was, even a day ago.

Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up – I’m closing the page down a day or so before.

Book it in now while the booking’s good:


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