Does it matter if you’re terrible at something but don’t know it?

Hypothetical question:

Take someone who’s never known heartbreak. They fell in love with their high school sweetheart, got married and stayed together for life.

Someone like this might be ‘good’ at breakups – they might handle them with maturity, be responsible, etc etc.

Or they might be ‘bad’ at them – petty, angry, ready to blame the world for it…

Does it matter?

I think most folks would say no. You can’t be good at everything. If it never comes up, who does it hurt?

The correct answer?

People aren’t a list of disconnected character traits. It’s not like someone drew you up as a D&D 5e character, writing ‘bad at breakups’ under your Flaws.

Everything you do influences and is influenced by everything else.

Someone with this trait is going to be bad at a lot of things. Maybe they can’t handle rejection at all. Maybe they blame everyone else for problems they’ve caused.

They might be angry, unstable, hungry to play the victim…

The trait doesn’t exist in isolation and it’s a symptom of something deeper.

That ‘something’ affects their life, probably every day.

So, yes, I’d say it matters a lot.

Every weakness in your psyche robs you of something. I say that as someone with plenty of such weaknesses.

How do I address them?

One trance at a time.

You can probably sense that something isn’t right. Either you have more potential than you can access or something holds you back.

The only way to work through that is through quality time with your unconscious.

And let me tell you – you’ve never experienced anything like a Neural Reset.

Yes, even if you’re a regular meditator.

This is something stranger and deeper, yet easy and relaxing.

See what I mean by booking a session here:

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