Ignite Your Inner Fire Serpent

How much of religion is a metaphor of scientifically understood processes?

Take the classic tenets of the old religions.

Charity is not just a moral obligation – it’s good practice. Some day you might need that charity yourself – in the meantime, it’s better to not surround yourself with folk desperate for what you have.

And quiet reflection – prayer, meditation, whatever.

Not to mention community. Many religions bring folk together for weekly prayers or whatnot. This forges strong ties in the community, which makes it better able to survive just about anything.

You could build a secular society that still has these elements. You wouldn’t have prayer, but you would encourage folk to quiet their minds and think about something greater.

And so on.

But what if religions have gone beyond that?

What if they cottoned on to bigger ideas through luck, trial and error, or the sorts of insights meditation brings?

What if they figured out stuff about the body and mind, even if they didn’t have the science to explain it?

Now, this can be subjective.

Feel free to disagree with me on this. (Though if you do, you’ll miss something incredible and powerful, so your choice.)

In my opinion, an excellent example of this is the concept of kundalini. In the Hindu system, kundalini refers to the energy lying in every human being. It rests coiled like a snake around the base of the spine.

Through physical and mental exercises, it can uncoil and reach for the top of your head.

The closer it gets, the more of your power you can access.

You might think this is too kooky. There’s not a scrap of evidence the human body creates energy, apart from a bit of heat, electricity and chemical energy. You’re expected to believe this stuff about a fiery energy serpent?

Or maybe it’s not kooky enough. Of course the body contains energy, in the form of blood, chemicals and electricity. And of course exercises that correct your posture, calm your thinking and loosen any tension will increase it.

I reckon it’s the right level of kooky.

Even if you strip the metaphysics out and treat the energy as plain old vitality, it still teaches you a lot of great stuff.

The kundalini view has hundreds of unique exercises targeting different points in your body. Try them all and you will feel better, guaranteed.

Whether or not you believe in souls or psychic energy, you can always treat that as a metaphor. Because these exercises? Whether they’re metaphysically correct or not, they work.

You can begin that simple self-improvement technique now.

And enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

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