Impersonal, pressure-free, live trance

Maybe you’re curious about what trance is like… but you’re not ready to commit to seeing a hypnotist.

What if it’s weird, embarrassing or ‘not for you’?

Me, I live and breathe trance. It’s wonderful. Not wanting it is like not wanting water – that’s how I see it, at least. But, hey, I get it. Until you experience it, you can’t be expected to know what it’s like.

So you could take the plunge and see a hypnotist.

Or you could download an audio file guiding you into trance. But there’s no substitute for a live hypnotic experience – even if you’re part of a group, on the other side of a screen, there’s something about the immediacy of it that makes it more powerful.

The best experience is live and one-on-one, obviously.

Still, this is a solid contender.

Being hypnotised, even as part of a virtual group, is better than meditation. I say that as someone who loves meditation.

It’s easier, too. Instead of taking months or years of training, all you need to do is show up to Trance Day 2021.

You can experience altered states of consciousness in a few hours – perfectly safely and naturally.

All it takes is booking yourself in and then joining me on the day.

Here’s how and when:

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