Why Awakened Thought is impossible mind training

Why Awakened Thought is impossible mind training

Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we?

Each month, I upload seven hypnotic guided meditations to the Awakened Thought page. These seven audios form a collection – a journey, if you will – taking you from where you are now to amazing new places.

I don’t recommend listening to them just once, though. To really get the full benefits, you should listen to each at least four times.

The more, the better. Any less than four is leaving things to chance.

And so we get our trusty calculators and see seven audios, listened to four times each, is 28. Since a new journey goes online each month, that’s one hypnotic guided meditation a day.

With a few days to spare, ignoring most Februarys.

So that works out, right?


The Awakened Thought page also has dozens of other hypnotic guided audios. These are there to give you a general boost on anything you need.

Now, can you listen to several of these audios a day?

Sure, there’s no harm.

But, boy, that could mess around with your schedule.

Besides, there are more audios in the library than days in any month.

So it’s impossible mind training. You have more content each month than you can get through in that time.

I know, I know.

Tough problems, right?

But maybe with discipline and a schedule, you can get through everything you want to eventually.

Or you can go with the flow, listening to whatever you need in that moment.

By being impossible to listen to everything, it gives you the choice to listen to whatever you want.

So choose and focus now:


Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

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